BAM 💥 Maati Baani LIVE at Mumbai and Pune and other updates!

Artwork Courtesy - Prakarsh

Dear MaatiBaani Fam, While the summer is at it’s full glory, we have some more sunshine news for you! MaatiBaani will be performing a collaborative set at Hard Rock Andheri on 24th May and Hard Rock Pune on June 6th. Two of our best collaborators Madhav on saxophone and Mooralala on Folk Vocals will be joining us on stage! We don’t want you to miss this cool set and so if you are in Mumbai/ Pune do book ur tickets in advance! Link for MaatiBaani at Hard Rock Gig: HRC Mumbai Tickets HRC Pune Tickets Ru Ba Ru

Logo by - Pratik Doshi

MaatiBaani is coming up with a bunch of refreshing new songs starting from May 31st! We love to feature new sounds and unique artistes; the Ru Ba Ru series will have a lot of both, so stay tuned ! In the meantime, can you guess the collaborator for our first song?

Terrace Painting with Pravin Mishra :

Artwork Courtesy - Pravin Mishra

Recently, we painted our studio terrace wall with the mighty MICA professor and our dear friend Pravin Mishra as the lead artiste. We were also joined by Cut Create Paste, founder and designer Pratik Doshi at this painting session. This wall art will be seen in our new videos, watch out for it ! 😍

The New Faces Of Fusion : It was incredible to be featured as the New Faces of Fusion on the Rolling Stone magazine’s April Edition cover! This news came to us as a lovely surprise and when we shared it with you, we were showered with a lot of love and wishes to do more music :) So, THANK YOU! :) If you are done reading this little newsletter, GO BOOK your tickets for Hard Rock concert!

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