Maati Baani is where

the World meets India, Musically!

What we stand for?

What our music represents?

Collaboration.  Culture.  Innovation 

Joy.  Hope.  Empathy

Maati Baani literally means " the language of the earth".


Maati Baani consists of Hindustani vocalist Nirali Kartik and award-winning Composer/Music producer Kartik Shah. Together both Nirali and Kartik have collaborated with more than 200 musicians across the globe from 30 countries including Inner Mongolia, Israel, USA and many countries from Europe.

Maati Baani’s sound is a mix of India’s rare folklore and classical music with the blend of funk and blues.

Nirali’s Hindustani roots and Kartik’s nomadic vision has given the bands its distinct folk-pop sound.
India has a rich musical heritage - from the great maestros of Indian classical to the vernacular poetry, India has a lot to offer in terms of music. Maati Baani's sound is rooted in musical traditions of India in way that the audience across the globe can relate to and enjoy.

They have been substantial in discovering folk musicians from interior villages of India and making them a part of their live set. They feature voices singing in Hindi, Gujarati, Sindhi and Rajasthani languages, making it a diverse linguistic experience.

The core of their sound is rooted in Indian Classical and Indian Folk but their music speaks to a global audience making them one of most popular fusion acts from India with an enormous digital following.

They are amongst the first artists to collaborate with musicians over the internet. Their innovative thinking and inclusive approach have made them speak and perform on global platforms like TED and INK.