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6 Bizarre instruments featured in Maati Baani's songs

There are some refreshing sounds that have found its way in Maati Baani's songs. Read on which are the instruments in our songs and be zapped! 1. Musical Saw (Carpenter's Saw) Can you believe the Carpenter's Saw is capable of creating a sonorous and a fascinating sound?! If you have heard Maati Baani's song Lagan Laagi ft. Natalia Paruz, popularly known as The Saw Lady, you would believe it! A rare instrument which no one knows who invented, the Saw as an instrument is said to be played since some centuries and is mostly attributed to people who were workers in wood industry. We recorded our song Lagan Lagi at the the Subways of New York and were inspired by The Saw Lady's playing who regulary plays at the subways. "One exquisite sound can launch a song " :) View Video : Lagan Laagi Re

2. Carrot Clarinet, Glove Bagpipe, Mr. Curly Do you remember when the musician starts eating the carrot he played during the end of the song "Mhaari Re Mangetar"? Linsey has an uncanny fetish to make musical instruments out of Rubber gloves, Carrots, testtubes or for that matter anything that he can lay his hands on. Check out the happy legend Linsey Pollak playing all of these in Maati Baani's song, Mhaari Re Mangetar! View Video : Mhaari Re Mangetar

3. Setar Setar and not Sitar is an Iranian instrument that has its origin in Persia! A three stringed instrument, it has a sound that sounds like a mix of sarod and sitar - atleast that is what it sounds to us! Moko Kahaan featured Sahba Motallebi, one of the leading Setar players of the world. There are not many women Setar players as Iran doesnt encourage people, especially women to be stage performers and that Sahba has reached so far in her performing career and carved a name for herself deserves all the honour! View Video : Moko Kahaan

4. Hurdy Gurdy Believed to have evolved over a 1000 years ago, this medieval instrument sounds like no other instument on earth. Using a wheel to bow the strings, and using keys to play the notes, this rare instrument often sounds like bagpipes. Guilhem Desq is one of the most famous players from France who has modified this instrument and given it a contemporary touch. Hear the haunting piece "The Journey of a Soul" performed Live by Maati Baani at TEDx Gateway. View Video : Maati Baani Live at TEDx Gateway

5. Thongophone The nice snappy bass you hear in the song "Mhaari Re Mangetar" is created by Thongophone. It produces sound by striking a rubber clapper, usually a thong, hence its namesake, against the opening of one of many PVC pipes of varying length. Vibrations are transmitted through the hollow pipes, each one resonating to a preset pitch. Zaia Kendall from Australia features on the song playing this extremely rare and funky instrument! View Video : Mhaari Re Mangetar

6. Washing Machine When Maati Baani came across the viral video of 10 year old Jonathan Carollo playing the Washing machine as a percussion instrument, they were sure to feature him in the opening for their cover of Michael Jacksons "Heal the World". This sound set the tone of the main percussion groove of the song and is one of the most quirkiest collaboration they have done! View Video : Heal The World Child Prodigy Cover

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