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As we say Bye to 2018 !

This year has been a mixed bag of the best and the worst for MaatiBaani! Thankfully - all the best experiences were kept for the year end which sets the tone for a wonderful 2019. MaatiBaani at Natarani : From learning Bharatnatyam as a kid to be there as a musician - performing at Natarani indeed felt like coming home. The visionary behind this venue - extraordinaire is the legendary Bharatnatyam dancer Mallika Sarabhai. The amphitheatre, the stage, the stage wall and the seating - all are sustainably built. The audience cheered for every song that we performed and why not ? This is an audience that has seen us grow from nothing ! Add to it, we had Mallikaji herself joining us on stage - Precious


MaatiBaani At TedXGateway : If you are following our work, you know how much we love collaborations. TedXGateway offered us the opportunity to let our imagination go wild. And we took up this opportunity by having some of the most obscure and rare artistes across the globe. Most importantly, through all the musicians from different countries coming together, collectively we were able to portray what a powerful force music is - that unites humanity like nothing else!

Our piece was called “The Horse Who Plucked the Guitar Strings” Watch the video here


Featured artistes : Anda Union, Tao Issaro, Sohum Munim, Lydian Nadaswaram, Shayaan Udeshi, NoorMohammed Sobha and MaatiBaani The onstage visuals were superbly designed and executed by The Switch Studio. Yashraj, THANK YOU!


We are the Champions:

Maatibaani gave a tribute to Queen band’s Freddie Mercury by bringing child prodigies across the globe ! Nothing can beat the feeling where in your favourite band shares and loves what we created.

Watch it!


8 Prahar : Imagine 24 hours of live music by some of the most phenomenal classical musicians. Nothing rejuvenates the soul like Indian Classical Music for me - that Naad, that Laya, that Sur! How can this beauty be described in words? Conceptualised by Durga Jasraj Ji and organized by Art and Artistes and Pancham Nishad, 8 Prahar is a genuine treat for the audience who can eat, sleep and drink music. Apart from some amazing performances from the likes of Pandit Sanjeev Abhyankar, Ustad Shahid Parvez, Jayteerth Mevundi, Ojas Adhia what was equally amazing was the eloquence with which both the hosts Durgaji and Shashiji hosted the whole program. The anecdotes and the conversations with the artistes made the concert experience complete and fulfilling. Hats Off!

After Movie of My Performance at Laaktheatre, one of my most special concerts of the year is out as an after movie. Video By DesiYup:


As we wish you Merry Xmas, and Happy 2019! Here are some happy vibes from our collab with our dear friends Vidya and Shankar,

Fly Away / Chhori Amdavad Ni Re

PS : 2019 is going to be the most special Stay tuned to us

Youtube / Facebook / Instagram So much Love, Nirali

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