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Happy Diwali Champions !

Hi Everyone,

Before you sign off for Diwali holidays, here is MaatiBaani sending you some cool vibes!

We are the Champions:

Every video has a story to say. We wanted to say a story of wonder!

Look at the kids! What was I doing at that age? This drummer who can’t even speak his name properly, plays drums like a pro! As they say, fill your life with wonder and that is precisely why we love doing child prodigy videos. Watching these kids work with so much joy and focus - it humbles us with absolute wonder!

Post Heal The World, we had a team in place, we knew the process, the parents and teachers knew that this was going to be an intense project and so, we could finish this video in 25 days! Heal the world took one and a half months! Kartik as usual, at his absolute best in audio production and conceptualisation and why not, it’s Queen after all!

If you haven’t have watched the video yet, here is the link

MaatiBaani at TedXGateway

Come December and your calendar is bound to fill up with great events.

One such event we would want you to be a part of is TedxGateway. The focus of TedX Gateway is to blow up the minds of the audience so that they go back inspired with ideas for the new year!

MaatiBaani is all set to give you a musical experience of a lifetime at TedxGateway 2018.

We have artistes coming in from as far as Mongolia and Australia, not to mention the child prodigies. We are so looking forward to have our dream collaborations come alive.

Here are the ticket links :


INK is more than a conference for us. It is an extended family that has got us together with people we admire for what they are and what they do.

INK privileged me to be amongst an impressive Jury to select Fellows for the year 2018-19. INK fellows is a community that has game changers in their respective fields.

The conference is on 2nd December too, Here are the details of the Fellows and Tickets

MaatiBaani at Natarani, Ahmedabad 4th Nov

Are you in or around Amdavad on 4th nov? Don’t miss this concert at the most beautiful amphitheatre of the city!

Apart from this, we have our other concerts listed on our website

Want us to tell your story through music and videos?

Do drop us mail on

See You around and Happy Diwali!



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