It’s already March and this is what is happening @ MaatiBaani’s Studio!

1.) Kasauli Rhythm And Blues Festival :

Only a few days left to experience the music in the mountains, Kasauli Rhythm and Blues Festival!

Surrounded by Himalayas and the stage set under the sky-sheet of a million stars, KRNB festival has a super line-up of bands!

MaatiBaani is performing on 19th April 2019

Get your tickets now coz Life happens at KRNB festival !

Ticket Link -

2.) Round Glass Well Being Festival :

We recently performed at Well Being Festival by one of the pioneers of Well Being and Holistic Health in India - Round Glass.

The audience were well into the festival before we went for our performance and they were all in the groove to enjoy our music !

With the beautiful ambience and a great audience, this night was a night to remember !

3.) Twam Arts :

TWAM Arts is our new initiative to bring Indian arts to a new audience.

This initiative shall support the new talent in Indian Music Scene by various means ; mainly by providing a platform to showcase their talents and offering patronage.

Every Akbar had a Mayan Tansen!

Inspired by how the kings and queens in the past supported arts and the artistes through patronage, Twam shall be that facilitator between the artistes and the kings/ queens of our times !

4.) New NEw NEW!

Out from our comfort zone, our new album is farthest from what we have been doing till now, keeping the MaatiBaani flavour intact!

Equal parts challenge and creative fulfilment, this album shall be worth the wait!

More about it soon!

Always looking forward to mind bending collabs - do drop us a line here!


Nirali and Kartik


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