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Youtube For Musicians - Answering the most "Frequently Asked Questions"

Its a very exciting time to a be a creative person in these times. Not only you can make the art that you love but you can impact people, give away positive messages through your art in a world strife with a lot of challenges or for that matter also protest.

But is it viable?

The traditional ways of creating, distributing and hearing music are constantly changing. Youtube is one big platform that has given a complete new dimension to how we perceive art and music in particular. Considering its one of the foremost platform for artistes to build a career out of their music, we thought to share our experience of being on this platform in brief.

1. Who can put out music on Youtube?

Anyone who is talented or who wants to express their art to a larger public, can put out their music on Youtube. One need to make the video presentable and interesting, its great if you have friends who are videographers and give them due credit for the work they do. In collaboration with the video team, you can experiment with the music that you want to put out!

2. How much time it takes to get discovered?

There is no fixed answer for this one but consistency always pays as it allows the audience or any industry that you wish to be a part of to believe in your abilities.

3. What are MCN's?

MCN ( Multi Channel Network) is a service providing platform that helps the Youtube creator to strategise, distribute & monetise the content they put out.

Its highly recommended for creators who are into original content creation as the MCN's also brings in sponsorships for creators in an ideal situation.

It doesn't require a creator to be a part of a MCN in their own country- they can be a part of any MCN that aligns well with the creators' goals.

For eg. if you're an Indian creator, you can be a part of an Indian MCN OR any other country's MCN.

4. How Do I sell CD's when the CD players are fast disappearing?

The way we listen to music has changed drastically!

We used to love our physical copies of CD's and before that we used to play cassettes. Our grand parents used LP's. Now we 'stream' music which means from a product ( physical CD ), it has become a service ( streaming). Which means if you are putting out your music on streaming sites and apps ( Spotify, Itunes and many others ), you get paid per listen. Also you can download and purchase music on these services.

5. Sponsorships

Each channel promotes a certain value system - a lot of effort goes in creating a piece of original content. Which means a lot of resources are required to bring that piece to life.

It always is a win-win if a creator gets

a sponsor for the content( song ) they create. A musician will always keep in mind the values of their content intact and also the audience preferences. On the basis, they collaborate with brands to improve the production value and also to give the best experience to their audience.

Maati Baani has collaborated with some of the best brands like Vodafone and Vivanta by Taj in the past. In India, Youtube recently organized its first speed dating bootcamp between creators and brands which had the best creators and the best brands - works for both!

6. Live Concerts, International Projects and Music Labels

Once you consistently put your content on Youtube which is of great quality, its very likely that you will be invited to perform for live concerts In India and abroad.

There could be a music label who would want you to sign you as their exclusive artiste. And if your goals are being in Bollywood, the content that you create can land you in Bollywood.

7. Any other thing to keep in mind?

Before signing any contract or going in to a long term partnership with an individual manager or a company; take that contract through a lawyer.

Its always better to be cautious than to be sorry.

8. Workshops and Production @Youtube Space

Its amazing how as a company, Youtube provides educational workshops for creators to improve the production techniques, new production gear and whatever thats trending new. You will find some of the most amazing people at Youtube who extend additional help to create the content that you want to achieve.

9. Fanfest

While providing support in terms of content creation, Youtube also organizes the Fanfest that allows the Youtuber come face to face with their fans in a gigantic set up! This is where you can meet the Top Creators in the business and find opportunities to collaborate with them.

10. Are we paid to write this blog?

NO! these are some of the most frequently asked questions. We are better musicians, than speakers and so we chose to write it down instead of making a video :)

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