More than just Music- The year that was and the year that is!

Our Dear Maati Baani Family!

Thank YOU for your love ️<3

From a Protest Song to Super Cool Videos to Amazing Live Gigs, Maati Baani had one super amazing year!!

Mhaari Re Mangetar and Damadam Mast Kalandar

Two classics that all of us have grown up on, got refreshing new versions from Maati Baani. All through the year we kept hearing from newly weds how they loved dancing to Mhaari Re Mangetar! Damadam was our little tribute to the original composer of Damadam Mast Kalandar. We recorded and shot this song live on location at Berliner’s Dome in Berlin along with Pan Chimzee.




Our coolest song of the year was Summer Love-Eri Aali featuring our BFF Vidya Vox. This song was in collaboration with Vodafone and Flipkart - this allowed us to keep our canvas wide for the video! This is the first time that I learnt to dance on Tropical House beats - in a matter of a week !


And then came the travels!

We love traveling and our creativity soars exploring beautiful sights, gorgeous architecture, different cultures. Maati Baani went to Holland and in collaboration with DesiYup and we performed at some of the most exotic locations and venues in Holland.

We then took a trip to Berlin to explore the culture and music scene there which was absolutely mind blowing! We loved bumping into artistes at every nook and corner of the city and also met some super creative people. Save Aarey Movement and a tribute to our Farmers ​As we came back home in Mumbai, we realised the serious situation that Aarey Forest is in. The contrast is more striking when you come back from a country ( Germany) that is protective of their green cover ! Together with some amazing citizens who are fighting to save more than 4000 trees of Aarey Forest, we made Chipko Re with one of our idols, Piyush Mishra. This is our first protest song. As we released this song, we received unprecedented support from people across media and the Save Aarey Petition that we put out got more 100 thousand signatures from aware citizens.

During the start of the year we got this amazing opportunity from Vodafone to make a song to thank the farmers of India. We released Sachha Mitra where we featured some of the most loved folk artistes of India.

Folksy Stuff

Hiye Kaaya Mein And Leta Jaijo were the folk songs that we did along with Mooralala Marwada and Bhutta Khan respectively. Both the songs were again recorded on location ! Mooraji is everyone’s favourite and Bhutta Khan was amazing on vocals. Hiye Kaaya Mein became he most loved song of the year, by the way :)

We did another campaign song for Tata Finance - though it was an event driven campaign we got to spend an amazing time in Greece - again exploring the rich history of the great civilisation!

Rajasthan Kabir Yatra allowed us to travel to the most interior villages of India and we got to see the happy faces of people that are still unmasked from urbanisation!

The final month saw many gigs but the two of the most fun gigs were Ayudh Summit and Taalbelia ! The energy at Ayudh Summit was electrifying and the Amritians had the time of their lives grooving on our songs. Taalbelia was a beautifully curated festival and we couldn’t ask for a better year end!

We also got to endorse super cool brands! While Kartik endorsed Gibson Guitar, Nirali got to to collaborate with uber fashion brands like Amrich, Meraki, Nandita Thirani, Vastra by Milonee, Aeketri, Raas Leela and Colors and Mirrors!

What to expect in 2018! We are starting a super cool season of songs ( which is in works) ! A lot of music with different cultural influences and languages is on our radar!

We wish you the best of 2018! ️

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